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Henna tattoo is a form that is painted on the body using henna, a paste made of henna.

They are used in coloring many materials such as wool, silk, animal skins, hair dyeing, hooves for horses and many other uses.

Henna temporary tattoo and continue on the skin for about a week to 14 days.

The age of temporary henna tattoo is up to 5,000 years. This type of tattoo originated in Pakistan, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

The first to use the henna tattoo was the ancient Egyptians and they used it as a paint for the body since henna was then their original plant.

They also believed that henna was part of the Hereafter ritual, and many of the bodies of the mummy were found with their fingernails covered with their original henna.

The henna then reached India and was used there for nearly 700 years, and was known in the late Bronze Age of the Mediterranean.

The young women then painted their bodies using henna on public holidays and social celebrations.

Many of the frescoes discovered before 1680 showed signs of women’s fingernails, soles, and palms.

Small statues of young women dating back to the 16th and 6th centuries BC on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea were found with palm trees and the henna.

In many places around the world, the henna tattoo was used for brides before wedding ceremonies, which is currently used in many places and in Arab countries.

Muslims in Pakistan use a henna tattoo as a sign of a person reaching adulthood.

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Why henna tattoos are used as part of a wedding?

Some say that henna tattoo is used on many occasions as an alternative to jewelry and as an ornamental.

Some say that henna has special properties on the skin and is cooled when placed on it. They used it to cover the palm of the hand and feet to remain cool during the summer of the burning desert.

It is also used by many people to change the color of the skin, which has become boring for them and began to draw shapes and drawings complex and beautiful on the hand.

There are other beliefs that the dark henna color on the hands of the bride means greater love between the bride and her mother-in-law because it is usually old then.

When a woman marries, she goes to live in her husband’s house and is not forced to work in the first weeks, and the groom’s family uses this time to get to know the bride more.

If forced to work in the first few days after her wedding, henna will disappear from her hands and people will think that her mother-in-law does not like her.

How to prepare henna?

Original Henna leaves are brought to the skin for a long time if they are good, leave to dry, then grind.

They are then added to liquids such as water, lemon juice or tea.

Some sugar can also be added and the paste is added to the skin using traditional or modern brushes to paint the best shapes selected.

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