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Tattoo History & Body tattoo is a very old process, a form of art and the color of the body’s skin is changed in a certain area permanently by introducing a certain dye into the skin.

Tattooing is very old, but today it has become more popular and popular than ever before and has become socially acceptable.

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Tattoo History

What is the history of tattoos?

We have talked before that tattooing is old and known for thousands of years. It is the introduction of an appropriate amount of subcutaneous ink into the dermis which changes the color of the skin pigment, and it also keeps for quite a while.

The process of tattoos on the skin dates from the history of the Neolithic Age Ötzi the Iceman, a mummy preserved since the fourth millennium BC and found in Oats valley in the Alps. The mummy contains a carbon tattoo in the form of multiple lines and points.

Also the Amunet mummy in ancient Egypt and the Pazyryk mummy on the Ukok plateau in southwest Siberia.

There is also evidence that the pre-Christian Germanic tribes, Celtic and other tribes of central and northern Europe also have a tradition of tattooing.

The Bickets, who lived in eastern and northern Scotland, were famous for their blue and black colors.

Some see that tattoos are a sign of pride, and the ancient Chinese used to paint a tattoo of a prisoner on the faces of criminals in their prisons and continued until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The Origin of Tattoos

However, tattoos did not prevent spread but created a special meaning for him.

In India, tattoos have been found particularly well in the north by Marco Polo, and even Alio has a tradition of making temporary tattoos with henna.

She says Yue Fei A Chinese general is known during the Song Dynasty that he has a tattoo on his back and that he has been tattooed since his birth.

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The people of the Philippines used tattoos independently and as a sign of achievement and good quality. In Egypt, women wore tattoos mainly, and these tattoos represented a top layer, used as a religious cloak and as a form of punishment.

By the 19th century, tattoos became commonplace among people, and although tattoos were associated with the poorer classes of society in the 20th century, they became prevalent in the Western world in the 1970s.

Today, tattoos are very common in both sexes and at all ages, in all economic classes and there are many people doing the same.

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